Frequently Asked Questions

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CDN Exchamge, or CDNX as we like to call it, is a virtual numismatic trading floor for certified US coins by member companies.

  • Members can make a market in coins by bidding.
  • Members can buy coins at your bid.
  • Members can sell to other CDN Exchange members under CDNX terms and conditions.
  • Members can buy and sell coins and bullion on the open message system.
  • Members can view or make a competitive bullion market.
  • Just one trade can pay for the service for the whole month!
  • Members can join the top dealers in the US.

Membership requirements are:

  • Members can make a market in coins by bidding.
  • Members must have a full-time numismatic company.
  • Members must have an established business greater than one year.
  • Members must have numismatic experience greater than three years.
  • Members must have acceptable dealer references or previous satisfactory membership as a principal or executive of a member company.
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No. CDNX is a platform for our dealer members to buy, sell, post bids and send broadcast messages. We simply facilitiate.

A member may post bids and asks on the CDN Exchange market. Other members may sell or buy from these members by executing against the posted bids or asks. Such a transaction would fall under CDNX Terms and conditions. CDNX members may also transact by any other means, such as over the telephone or at coins shows. These transactions would not fall under CDNX terms and conditions.

A single CDNX membership starts at only $100 per month. We offer add-ons like integrated CDN price guide values, dealer software and addition licenses for multiple users in the same company for a reasonable additional fee.

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